Josh Ritter - Fever Breaks [Magnolia Exclusive]
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Josh Ritter - Fever Breaks [Magnolia Exclusive]

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Josh Ritter's newest album "Fever Breaks" printed on an exclusive translucent green vinyl. Limited quantities available!

Ritter’s 10 new tracks were recorded at RCA Studios in Nashville, and produced by Jason Isbell. The forthcoming album will also feature support from Isbell’s band, The 400 Unit. Ritter has been an enduring presence as a singer-songwriter, and the new collaboration with the Grammy Award-winning Isbell is telling of how tuned-in he is to the genre’s modern landscape.

01. Ground Don’t Want Me
02. Old Black Magic
03. On The Water
04. I Still Love You (Now and Then)
05. The Torch Committee
06. Silverblade
07. All Some Kind of Dream
08. Losing Battles
09. A New Man
10. Blazing Highway Home

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