Bonnie Bishop - The Walk
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Bonnie Bishop - The Walk

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Although Bonnie Bishop might hail from Fort Worth these days, she might as well call Memphis her home, for that’s certainly where her soul lives. Bishop lives with her music, inhabits it, dwells in it, delivering soulful versions of her lyrics with soaring vocals that capture the poignance or defiance or love within a lyric.

On The Walk, Bishop digs deep into her heart and gets personal in songs with a stirring groove. “Keep on Movin’” opens with a funky snare beat before moving into a crisp lead line; Bishop’s vocals ride this slow-burning introduction as the singer counsels us to keep walking through life, never looking back, no matter the challenges we encounter along the way. She pleads for someone to help her lighten her load because it’s a long road, but acknowledges that you “still gotta love yourself.” The transcendent background vocals and the lilting lead guitar that plays call and response with the electric piano on the chorus elevate this song, transporting it to the early days of Stax. - No Depression 

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