Willie Nelson - Last Man Standing
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Willie Nelson - Last Man Standing

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'Last Man Standing ranges in style from Western Swing to pensive ballads, with plenty of old friends from Nelson's past recordings and touring bands in the studio, including Alison Krauss kicking up dust on fiddle. Buddy Cannon's production is clean and foregrounds Nelson's still utterly lucid, jazz-influenced singing. Some of the best cuts are the ballads, especially the soulful "Something You Get Through," which sounds like a deep cut from one of Aretha Franklin's great early 1970s sides. "It's not ours to be taken," Nelson sings of this life, releasing each word like a smoke ring as Mickey Raphael's harmonica matches his syllables. "It's just a thing we get to do." Now that is an insight worth sending as a notification.' - NPR

1. Last Man Standing
2. Don't Tell Noah
3. Bad Breath
4. Me and You
5. Something You Get Through
6. Ready to Roar
7. Heaven Is Closed
8. I Ain't Got Nothin'
9. She Made My Day
10. I'll Try To Do Better Next Time
11. Very Far to Crawl


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