Tall Heights - Pretty Colors For Your Actions [Multi-Colored Splatter Vinyl]
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Tall Heights - Pretty Colors For Your Actions [Multi-Colored Splatter Vinyl]

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While Boston duo Tall Heights introduced their flair for folk-influenced melodies and blended vocal harmonies as an acoustic act on their first few releases, their sophomore LP, 2016's Neptune, saw them expand into a more atmospheric, part-electronic indie pop. The sound was suited to bigger spaces but hung onto a reflective tone and a certain demure sensibility. Two years later, Pretty Colors for Your Actions returns Neptune co-producers Oliver Hill and Steve Wall and mostly retains that album's palette and demeanor. It opens a cappella style over minimal piano accompaniment with multi-tracked vocal harmonies by Tall Heights' Tim Harrington and Paul Wright. "Not Like It Was" adds trumpet before settling into a groove and passing in and out of lush, near-psychedelic climaxes. Speaking of psychedelia, tracks like "Oslo" and, especially, "Over Now" explore trippier sonics via delay, warped electronics, and, toward the end of the latter, a floaty cacophony of effects, electric guitar, rock drums, improvised saxophone, and more. Still, the album keeps at least one foot firmly in the pop realm throughout, whether through simple, slicker keyboard chords or the guys' sweet melodicism... -All Music

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