Parker Millsap - The Very Last Day
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Parker Millsap - The Very Last Day

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In album opener "Hades Pleads," a frenetic jump blues tune, he channels the animalistic lust of Greek mythology's ruler of the underworld, panting, prowling and ravenous. Several songs later, in the genteel folk-pop number "Jealous Sun," Millsap sizes up the sun as a romantic adversary: "I can see how heaven could be lonely," he croons. "But can't he find someone who ain't my only?" His unsettling reading of the oft-recorded sanctified blues classic "You Gotta Move," with his swooping, theatrically extended howls and eerie ebbs, transforms the song from an exhortation to answer God's call into a warning to avoid a sinister divine force. In the vividly detailed narratives "Heaven Sent" and "Hands Up," the 23-year-old delves into the troubled minds of a preacher's kid who's just come out as gay and an ex-soldier with PTSD and mouths to feed, explaining how their experiences with religion have shaped, or even warped, their perspectives. -NPR

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