Mat Kearney - CRAZYTALK
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Mat Kearney - CRAZYTALK

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Singer-songwriter Mat Kearney is no stranger to setting pop trends while saying something of substance, and despite the three years that have passed since Just Kids, his clever aim for the charts remains red hot. For starters, the beats are so unbelievably contagious, CRAZYTALK feels like it’s already been lived with even at the point of initial introduction, while Kearney’s unmistakably soulful vocals give themes of love, devotion and rallying against materialism a silver platter set-up. Though he may technically be an elder statesman at this point, these thirteen tracks retain the hunger and thought-provoking sentiments that permeate his most lauded past work without ever falling prey to repetition. 

Track List:

1. Better Than I Used To Be

2. Face To Face

3. Kings & Queens

4. Money

5. Changes

6. Memorized

7. Don't Cry For Me

8. Wanted Man

9. Keep On Loving You

10. Sleeping At The Wheel

11. By Your Side

12. Fortress

13. I Can't Wait For You To Get Here


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