Jake Troth - It Is As If [Magnolia Exclusive]
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Jake Troth - It Is As If [Magnolia Exclusive]

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There’s a certain type of song Jake Troth realized he most enjoys creating: the simple one; the honest and no-nonsense, almost meditative one. To hear the contemplative, soft-spoken singer-songwriter tell it, these songs have no agenda. “It’s about not trying to yell louder than everyone else,” Troth says of the almost Zen-like creative mindset he takes to his songcraft. “In that way you can sing a song, and maybe even do it very quietly, and still have a profound and dramatic effect on people.” Having spent years penning mega-wattage pop singles for an A-list assemblage of some of music’s biggest names, including Big Boi, Lizzo, Sia, and Kehlani. Troth yearned to connect to his work on a deeper and more personal level. “I didn’t want to focus on making a hit song anymore,” the North Carolina-born musician says bluntly. “That torturous weight to get a hit that one puts on their shoulders is so detrimental to creativity. I’m trying to get myself out of that mindset.” Troth pauses, endures a brief moment of silence and then adds quite simply, “I just wanted to make really great songs.” 

Troth is speaking to the multi-year process that resulted in It Is As If, the singer-songwriter’s stunning major-label debut album anchored by refined melodies and deft lyrical observations. “It’s a very comfortable project,” Troth says of the Dave Cobb-produced LP that was recorded with pristine clarity in the producer’s iconic RCA Studio A in Nashville. “This is the first time I’ve made the album that I’ve set out to make,” Troth offers of the album, set for release this year via Atlantic Records.  Troth calls it the project he’s been waiting his entire life to complete.

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