Dylan LeBlanc - Renegade [Magnolia Exclusive Signed]
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Dylan LeBlanc - Renegade [Magnolia Exclusive Signed]

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Producer Dave Cobb recently said of Dylan LeBlanc's new Renegade record, which Cobb produced, that, what made it special to him, is that it's a folk songwriter fronting a rock & roll band. Indeed, that's what has always made folk-rock special... the songs. And LeBlanc is one of the best young songwriters on the scene. (His backing band, the Pollies, are no slouches, either!) Renegade kicks off with the title track about a good girl falling for a bad boy who gets taken down by the police. Honestly, though, the subject matter could be anything because it has such a great hook and vibe. That's true for the whole record. You could blast this thing without ever knowing a single lyric and you would love it. -Folk Alley 

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