Ben Rector - Magic
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Ben Rector - Magic

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Working out of Nashville, Ben Rector has steadily built a career many independent artists can only dream of. The success of his past album’s title track “Brand New” has allowed Ben Rector the freedom to go for the kind of album he grew up listening to, a synth and piano inspired collection of songs called “Magic.” And magic the record is.

Everything about Magic, is — well — magic. Ben Rector writes and sings songs that dance in your ears while the lyrics go straight for the heart. He may never be a superstar but as long as records like Magic are being made, he’ll always have “Peace” and a place on the road where he can add more “boxes” to remind him of the power to dream.

Track Listing:
1. Extraordinary Magic
2. I Will Always Be Yours
3. Drive
4. Old Friends
5. Duo
6. Kids
7. Green
8. Sometimes
9. Wherever You Are
10. Over and Over
11. Boxes
12. Peace
13. Love Like This 


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