Ben Folds - So There
Ben Folds - So There
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Ben Folds - So There

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Ben Folds "So There" pressed on vinyl. An album split into discrete halves, So There opens with eight new songs written and arranged in tandem with yMusic. Then there's Folds' "Concerto For Piano And Orchestra," a three-movement work co-commissioned by the Nashville Ballet and the Minnesota Orchestra, premiered by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra in 2014, and later recorded at Folds' studio, led by conductor Giancarlo Guerrero. At times, the 21-minute piece pays homage to 20th-century American composers like George Gershwin and Aaron Copland, the American songbook and Broadway musicals. It's lavish and complex, and in brief stretches it verges into dissonant and arrhythmic territory that's as challenging as anything Folds has written. But it's also undeniably a Ben Folds piece — complete with dexterous melodic runs and pop harmonies that call back to what Ben Folds Five hinted at on 1999's wonderful The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner.


Track List:
1. Capable Of 
2. Not A Fan
3. So There 
4. Long Way To Go
5. Phone In A Pool 
6. Yes Man 
7. F10-D-A
8. I'm Not The Man 
9. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 1
10. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 2
11. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 3

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