Bear's Den - So that you might hear me
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Bear's Den - So that you might hear me

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While Red Earth & Pouring Rain was written in just three weeks, So That You Might Hear Me was recorded in their own studio, allowing Davie and partner Kevin Jones to experiment more. Instead of falling into old songwriting patterns, they could push themselves. Like many artists with lots of studio time, they found themselves experimenting with tools like synthesizers and pianos. The beauty and possibilities of those instruments often lead to slower tempos, as songs become expansive and the drums begin to feel like a constraining yoke, rather than a life-giving heartbeat. But not all of the album is introspective and slower-tempo. There are some upbeat, rock-oriented songs, a la Red Earth. “Hiding Bottles,” with its big guitar riff and propulsive drums, is reminiscent of Bastille’s “Pompeii” in the size of the song. It seems tailor-made for big arenas, although Davie gives the vocals a sadness that lend a nice incongruousness to the relentless happy bombast of the music. -Glide Magazine

**Includes a limited gold foil art print**

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