Ballroom Thieves - A Wolf in the Doorway
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Ballroom Thieves - A Wolf in the Doorway

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The Ballroom Thieves "A Wold in the Doorway" pressed on vinyl. Boston folk are slow to pick faves and don't easily suffer fools. Their teams, their politics, social discourse and of course, their music all fall to a collectively discerning eye, or in this case, ear. This is why fairly fledgling Beantown champs, Ballroom Thieves are worth serious consideration everywhere and anywhere else. Having thus far released 2 well-embraced EPs and being a cinch for local venue sell outs, the Thieves can now offer a step-up debut masterwork, A Wolf In The Doorway. Tapped already for their adept melding of roots, indie folk and symphonic strains, Ballroom Thieves, who are Martin Earley (guitar), Devin Mauch (percussion) and Calin Peters (cello), (they all sing), push it even further with an album's worth of new material wherein no two tracks sound the same, but represent a palpably confident identity.


Track List:
1. Archers
2. Lantern
3. Bullet
4. Saint Monica
5. Wild 
6. Oars to the Sea
7. Bury Me Smiling
8. The Loneliness Waltz
9. Here I Stand
10. Anchors
11. Oak
12. Wolf

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