Amanda Shires - To the Sunset
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Amanda Shires - To the Sunset

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Amanda Shires' To the Sunset pressed on vinyl. When her distinctive vibrato appears on To the Sunset, as a subtle emotive tool or punctuation in her storytelling, it feels like an electrical charge shuddering through the live wire of her voice. As if to match it, she experimented for the first time with filtering the sound of her fiddle through effects pedals, which lends her playing a fierce luminescence. Shires told her producer Dave Cobb, who also served as bassist in the album's indie rock-leaning band, "My violin needs to sound like it's in an aquarium, but more bright." 
Track List:
1. Parking Lot Pirouette
2. Swimmer
3. Leave It Alone
4. Charms
5. Eve's Daughter
6. Break out the Champagne 
7. Take on the Dark
8. White Feather 
9. Mirror, Mirror
10. Wasn't I Paying Attention

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