Wilco - Ode To Joy [Magnolia Exclusive]
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Wilco - Ode To Joy [Magnolia Exclusive]

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On the heels of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy's 2018 memoir and stripped-down two-headed solo venture, WARM and Warmer, Ode to Joy amps up the moodiness and chilly ambiance but still feels of a piece with that introspective, relatively direct work, reconciling what it means to be an artist - or to be, period - in this particular moment. "There's an American atmosphere right now of some type of mourning or grief," Tweedy says. "What I've learned is that you shouldn't waste a whole lot of time feeling guilty about having moments of joy in the face of depression. Do not postpone happiness based on some struggle you are witnessing or participating in. That's just kind of a core contemplation of almost everything that I've been working on for a pretty long time." Bask in the weird times with this track-by-track overview straight from Tweedy himself. - Apple Music

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