David Ramirez - My Love Is A Hurricane [Magnolia Exclusive] [Pre-Order]
David Ramirez - My Love Is A Hurricane [Magnolia Exclusive] [Pre-Order]
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David Ramirez - My Love Is A Hurricane [Magnolia Exclusive] [Pre-Order]

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Singer/Songwriter David Ramirez's new album My Love Is A Hurricane pressed on Magnolia Exclusive Translucent Red with Black Swirl Vinyl. 

For the introspective 10-song set, Ramirez teamed up with Dallas producer Jason Burt—who recently collaborated with Leon Bridges and John Mayer on their new single "Inside Friend" and has worked with artists such as Sarah Jaffe and Paul Cauthen as well —to layer his widely acclaimed vocals atop "misty psychedelic undertones and potent gospel arrangements" (NPR Music). Originally meant to be a collection of love songs dedicated to Ramirez's partner, the resulting set instead charts the tumultuous journey of falling in and out of love through piano ballads, moody synths, and heavy R&B influences.

*This is a Pre-Order and will ship to arrive by the release date, July 17th, 2020*

Track listing:
  1. Lover, Will You Lead Me?
  2. Hell Ft. Sir Woman
  3. I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom
  4. My Love Is A Hurricane
  5. Hallelujah, Love is Real!
  6. Heaven
  7. Shine On Me
  8. Easy Does It
  9. Coast To Coast
  10. Prevail

Includes option to add on Magnolia Record Club Presents: David Ramirez, featured in Magnolia Record Club in summer 2018

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