The Head and the Heart - Living Mirage [Magnolia Exclusive]
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The Head and the Heart - Living Mirage [Magnolia Exclusive]

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As per usual, the Head and the Heart excel at delivering familiar melodies paired with lyrics that look inward, yet just far enough into the abyss to wring out some sort of generic catharsis. As emotionally and musically on the nose as songs like "Running Through Hell" and "Saving Grace" are, they, like all of the material on Living Mirage, are executed with great care and performed with genuine spirit. That the album ends with just Jonathan Russell and his acoustic guitar looking for refuge inside the embassy of music is fitting. Stripped of all of the bells and whistles, the Head and the Heart are as homespun and simple as they come, and it's in that state of undress where those relatable words and melodies most resonate. - All Music

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