Amos Lee - My New Moon [Magnolia Exclusive]
Magnolia Record Club

Amos Lee - My New Moon [Magnolia Exclusive]

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Magnolia Record Club’s ROTM for August 2018 was Amos Lee’s newest release, My New Moon, pressed on an limited edition clear vinyl—exclusively from the club.

With his seventh album, Amos Lee reaches into experiences of hope, hopelessness, loss, and renewal. The result is the most wide-ranging musical effort of his career, a set of songs that examines issues of mortality, survival, connection, and celebration in ways that are both deeply personal and profoundly universal.

Track List:
1. No More Darkness, No More Light
2. Louisville
3. Little Light
4. All You Got Is A Song
5. I Get Weak
6. Crooked
7. Hang On, Hang On
8. Don't Give A Damn Anymore
9. Whiskey On Ice
10. Don't Fade Away 

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