Andrew Bird - Are You Serious
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Andrew Bird - Are You Serious

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Andrew Bird "Are You Serious" pressed on vinyl.

Are You Serious is Bird’s first traditional album since 2012’s Hands of Glory—save Echolocations and a Handsome Family covers disc, and the lolling I Want to See Pulaski at Night EP. It’s deceptively straightforward at first, unfolding genially as more guitar-driven rock than he’s attempted before, almost a sidestep of ambition with freewheeling frayed ends. But it’s still got all of Bird’s standby elements—the esoteric wordplay, the many stratas of strings—subtly edited into economy.


Track List:
1. Capsized
2. Roma Fade
3. Truth Lies Low
4. Puma
5. Chemical Switches
6. Left Handed Kisses
7. Are You Serious
8. Saints Preservus
9. The New Saint Jude
10. Valleys Of The Young
11. Bellevue

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